Be a Hero, Save a Hero® is a community risk reduction program with the goal of helping to keep you, your family and your local firefighters safe. Everyone plays a role in a community’s safety and the public can help their local firefighters by participating in Be a Hero, Save a Hero®. Although there are many components of a community risk reduction program, the first spotlight for Be a Hero, Save a Hero deals is on protecting people and property from the effects of smoke and fire.

There are two unique efforts to support Be a Hero, Save a Hero®: the Alarm Pledge and Hero Helpers:

  • Take the Alarm Pledge to commit to practicing good fire safe habits like placing smoke alarms in every room and replacing them every 10-years. Share the pledge on your Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage your friends and family to take the Alarm Pledge too.
  • Hero Helpers are monthly reminders on how everyone can help their family and their local firefighters by following five easy steps.

With the public and firefighters working together, communities will be safer from the effects of smoke and fire.