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Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Overview
Successful Community Risk Reduction strategies are directly linked to the prevention of firefighter line-of-duty injuries and deaths. In these days of economic challenges to every fire department service, a vibrant Community Risk Reduction program can be a key to organizational survival. Learn more about pulling together your departments plan for Community Risk Reduction.

Download: Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Overview

CRR Keys to Success
Community Risk Reduction is directly linked to the prevention of firefighter line of duty deaths and injuries. We have had many examples of this throughout the history of the fire service. Let us help you produce a successful Community Risk Reduction Program.

Download: CRR Keys to Success

CRR Implementation and Evaluation Plan Template
This template gives you an opportunity to not only implement, but also evaluate the implementation of your latest Community Risk Reduction strategy. Utilize this template to launch your CRR program today and track it’s success.

Download: CRR Implementation and Evaluation Plan Template

CRR Risk Management Planning Tool
The tips and strategies provided in this downloadable tool will help guide you and your department while you implement a new Community Risk Reduction Program. From identifying the need all the way through to reporting and implementing, this tool will guide you throughout the process.

Download: CRR Risk Management Planning Tool

CRR Program Evaluation Examples
You can never be too informed. This download provides you with additional information to help you evaluate your Community Risk Reduction strategy from program planning and evaluation framework to evaluation measure for community risk reduction.

Download: CRR Program Evaluation Examples

CRR Program Evaluation Examples
This template allows you to formulate your Community Risk Reduction Program in a document that you can share with members of your department and stake-holders in your community. It ensures that you have all aspects of the CRR program documented in a logical, concise fashion.

Download: CRR Management Plan Template

CRR Economic Incentives Fact Sheet
Looking at the economic impact of particular types of fire can also help you to prioritize your Community Risk Reduction efforts. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 50% of US domestic fire loss can be contributed to three types of incidents: cooking equipment, heating & cooling equipment, and electrical distribution equipment.

Download: CRR Economic Incentives Fact Sheet

CRR Education Fact Sheet
The education component of your Community Risk Reduction plan is important for citizens and firefighters because it is the fire department and the public. It is important to recognize that education and fire prevention have a direct connection to firefighter safety and survival.

Download: CRR Education Fact Sheet

CRR Emergency Response Fact Sheet
Emergency response interventions are tools designed to help emergency responders mitigate risk. Although emergency service personnel are the best trained to handle emergencies, there are additional actions that can be taken to enhance their safety. For example, emergency service capability can be enhanced greatly by well-organized, well-managed Community Emergency Response teams (CERT’s).

Download: CRR Emergency Response Fact Sheet

CRR Engineering Fact Sheet

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