Approximately 450,000 burn injuries require medical treatment each year. Here is everything you need to know!

How Do I Prevent Burns?

  • Use the back burners when you cook, if possible. Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove. This will prevent spills from overturned pots and pans containing hot food or liquids.
  • Keep all appliance cords coiled and away from counter edges.
  • Use oven mitts or potholders when moving hot food from ovens, microwave ovens or stovetops. Never use wet oven mitts or potholders as they can cause scald burns.
  • Replace old or worn oven mitts.
  • Open heated food containers slowly, away from your face. Hot steam from the container can cause burns.
  • Foods heat unevenly in microwave ovens. Stir and test before eating.

Source: U.S. Fire Administration

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Protect you children from burns

  • Keep young children at least 3 feet away from any place where hot food or drink is prepared or carried.
  • Keep hot foods and liquids away from table and counter edges.
  • Never hold a child while cooking, drinking or carrying hot foods or liquids.
  • Teach children that hot things burn.
  • When children are old enough, teach them to cook safely. Supervise them closely.