Garage Fires: Everything You Need to Know

    Facts about garage fires

    Every year, there are 6,600 garage fires in homes that result in an average of:

    • 30 deaths.
    • 400 injuries.
    • $457 million in property loss.

    Of these fires, 93 percent occurred in one- and two-family homes.

    Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of garage fires. These fires can start because of shorts in wires, damaged wires, and overloading electrical outlets.

    Garage fire safety tips

    • Store oil, gasoline, paints, propane and varnishes in a shed away from your home.
    • Keep items that can burn on shelves away from appliances.
    • Plug only one charging appliance into an outlet.
    • Don’t use an extension cord when charging an appliance.
    • Install:
      • A 20-minute fire-rated door that is self-closing and self-latching from the garage into the house.
      • A ceiling made with ⅝-inch Type X gypsum board (or the equivalent) if you have living space above the garage.
      • A wall with ½-inch gypsum board (or the equivalent) if the wall attaches the garage to your home.
      • An attic hatch cover if you have attic access from the garage.
      • A heat alarm — not a smoke alarm — in your garage. The heat alarm will sound if the temperature rises too high.

    Source for Content: U.S. Fire Administration 

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