Back to Campus Fire Safety: Guide for Universities

    Each year, on-and-off campus college and university students experience hundreds of fire-related emergencies nationwide.

    Here are tips for keeping your students safe from fires on campus!

    Safety Tips for Colleges and Universities

    • Provide students with a program for fire safety and prevention.
    • Teach students how to properly notify the fire department using the 911 system.
    • Install smoke alarms and an automatic fire sprinkler system in every dormitory room and every level of housing facilities.
    • Maintain and regularly test smoke alarms and fire alarm systems. Replace smoke alarm batteries every semester.
    • Regularly inspect rooms and buildings for fire hazards. Ask your local fire department for assistance.
    • Inspect exit doors and windows and make sure they are working properly.
    • Create and update detailed floor plans of buildings, and make them available to emergency personnel, resident advisors and students.
    • Conduct fire drills and practice escape routes and evacuation plans. Urge students to take each alarm seriously.

    Source for Content: U.S. Fire Administration

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