Practicing At Home Fire Drills

    When fire strikes, deadly smoke can fill your home within minutes. That’s why you should plan and practice home fire drills!

    • Tips for having a successful fire drill at home:
    • Everyone in your house should take part in practicing a fire escape plan.
    • Try and plan two routes from every room in the house, if possible. Begin with the bedrooms.
    • Decide on an effective meeting place. Make sure everyone has an understanding of where it is and how to get there.
    • Plan everyone’s individual role: Who will get the children? Does anyone in the home have special needs?
    • Share your plan and practice with neighbors, babysitters, or other frequent visitors.
    • Keep your hallways and stairs clutter free.
    • Practice your fire drill regularly and update it after any home renovations or updates.

    Source for Content: United States Fire Administration

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